The Process Of Having Bail Money Refunded

Bail is more or less a pact. The money is paid or an asset is secured and later returned based on an agreement that the defendant will abide by whatever requirements have been imposed on their release. Consequently, once these requirements have been fulfilled, the bail can generally be returned. It is a good idea to learn more about this return process.

There Must Be a Release First

Many people understand that going to court is an important way to fulfill a bail agreement. However, what is even more important to understand is that going to court does not satisfy the agreement. 

A bail agreement is typically not considered satisfied until the charge against the defendant has been dismissed or discharged, the defendant is convicted of the charge, or they are acquitted. Each of these pathways is considered a release of bail. Not until one of these labels is placed on the charge will you be able to have any funds returned to you.

How the Bail Is Secured Matters

In order to learn more about how any bail money you paid will be returned, you need to consider how you secured the money. If you secured the bond with a 100% cash payment, you will work directly with the court to return the balance.

However, if you secured the bail with a bail bond agency, any money that you contributed towards the bail amount will be handled and returned by the bail bond company. Generally, within the bond agreement, there will be details on how and when the funds you have paid will be returned to you.

There May Be Fees

Keep in mind; you may not have all of the money that you paid returned to you. This statement is true whether you made a cash payment directly to the court or you worked with a bail bonds company. 

The reason for this reduced return is that the court can sometimes impose fees, and these amounts are deducted before the money is returned. In terms of a payment made to the bail bonds agency, certain fees, such as a premium payment, are typically non-refundable per the bond agreement.

It is important to understand that not every situation is the same. As a result, for specific questions about whether or not you can have the bail returned to you, it is helpful to ask questions.

To learn more, contact a bail bonds company.