The Requirements For Getting A No Credit Score Payday Loan

Are you searching for a way to borrow money but are having difficulties due to poor credit? If so, there is an option for you — a no credit score payday loan. A payday loan is a short-term loan that provides instant cash that you must repay within a few weeks. Most payday lenders issue these without checking a borrower's credit. Therefore, it is a no credit score loan. If you want to borrow money through this loan type, here are the requirements you must meet.


People who are under the age of 18 cannot get payday loans. Lenders will not issue them to you unless you are at least 18 years old. If you are at least 18, you can apply for one. If you are under this age, you might want to find a different way to borrow money.

Job and Proof of Income

The second requirement for a no credit score payday loan is a job. You must have a job to qualify for a payday loan. Additionally, you must have proof of your income. The simplest way to prove that you have a job is by submitting your pay stubs to the lender. You should look for your most recent pay stubs to give to the lender. The pay stubs show that you have a job, and they also indicate how much you earn from your employment. A payday lender needs this information to process your payday loan.

Proof of Residency

The next thing the lender will ask for is proof of residency. Payday loan lenders need to know where a person lives before issuing them a loan. To prove your residency, you can show your state ID card and one or two pieces of mail. The mail should reflect your current address, and the address should match the address listed on your driver's license.

Payday Loan System Check

Finally, you might not qualify for a payday loan if you already owe money on one. Payday loan lenders use a system to check a borrower's history with payday loans. If you currently have an outstanding loan, you might not be able to get another one until you repay the first one.

If you want to borrow some cash through a no credit score payday loan, you must meet these requirements. If you are ready to apply, contact a payday loan lender today to find out more about these loans.