What Rules Should You Expect When Using A Bail Bond Agent?

Do you need to hire a third party to help you get out of jail? If so, you can call a bail bond agent for the help you need. Bail bond agents specialize in helping people get out of jail by offering to pay their bail for them. In return, they charge fees and set rules. You can expect to have some rules to follow when using an agent for help. If you wonder about the rules to expect, here is a list of some of the rules most bail bond agents have.

No Criminal Offenses

The first rule you must follow involves criminal offenses. When you are out on bail, you must avoid committing any illegal activities. If you get caught committing a crime, you could land in jail once again, which means you forego your bail. A bail bond agent expects you to toe the line when out on bail. Therefore, you must avoid doing anything that could cause further legal problems at this time.

No Drinking or Drug Use

You can also expect a bail bond agent to tell you to avoid using alcohol or drugs at this time, and this even means when you are home. Drugs are illegal, which means that using them breaks the first rule listed here. Using drugs or alcohol can also lead to further problems. Suppose you drink a few beers and decide to drive. In this situation, you could end up with a DUI.

No Leaving Town

Most bail bond agents request that you stay in town, too, when out on bail. This does not mean that you can never leave the town where you live. It simply means that you should avoid leaving unless you have permission from your bail bond agent.


The final thing the bail bond agent might ask of you is that you check in with them. You might need to call their office each week or email them. In some cases, bail bond agents ask people to stop by the office at least once a week. Checking in helps the agent know that you are still around and have not skipped out on your bail.

You can expect a bail bond agent to give you a list of rules, and this list will contain these things and others. If you have questions about the bail bond process, please contact a local bail agent today.