Avoid These Three Common Bail Bond Mistakes

When you are arrested for whatever reason, you want to secure your release as soon as possible. A bail bond is your fastest ticket freedom. However, you might make some mistakes after the arrest that might lead to the revocation of your bail.  

Check out some mistakes you should keep off to avoid jeopardizing your case. 

Traveling While Out on Bail

In most cases, the court can issue travel restrictions to lower the risks of fleeing. If the court forbids travel, you should stay put until your case is settled. If you travel and fail to appear in court on the set date, you could easily further complicate your case. 

Sometimes, the court may allow you to travel as long as you show up on the court day. So, if you already have existing travel plans, notify your bail bond agency of your travel destination. Also, inform them how many days you will be away and the most convenient way to contact you. 

For international travels, your bail bonds agent might need to confirm with the court to see if traveling is permissible. Most of the time, the court won't allow international travel due to the high chances of defendants jumping bail and missing court dates.

Providing Wrong Address

As you apply for bail, ensure that you provide the correct address and contact information. A wrong address will lead to the revocation of your bond and severely dent your case. The bail bond company may also withdraw any assistance if they detect anything suspicious with your application. 

Remember, the police will need to verify if you live at the address you provided. Wrong information erodes trust and creates an impression that you will escape when you're released. So double-check every detail to ensure you get everything right. When you provide the correct address, you communicate to the court that you will not disappear after your conditional release. 

Re-Arrest While Out on Bail

If you get arrested while out on bail, the court may decide to revoke your bail entirely. You'd have to stay in jail until you stand trial. Other measures the court may take are:

  • Deny you bail for the new offense
  • Increase your bail amount
  • Add bail conditions

When you are out on bail, avoid association with known criminals and any other behavior that might incriminate you. Maintain a low profile, and be on your best behavior until your court date.

If you get arrested, a bail bond agency can get you out of jail. However, you should avoid the above mistakes to hinder aggravating your situation. Don't forget to engage in a professional bail bonds company near you.