Looking To Improve Your Credit To Buy A Home? Myths That May Actually Hurt Your Score

If your credit score is not the greatest, it is strongly advised that you repair your credit before you look to buy a home. Having a higher credit score increases the chances that you will be approved for a loan, while also helping you to get a better interest rate. This can help you save thousands of dollars over the course of your loan. Unfortunately though, there are many myths out there about credit score repair and some of these myths may actually harm your score, rather than help it.

3 Benefits Of Mobile Banking

If your bank is like many, it might offer a mobile banking option for customers like you. You might have never thought about using the mobile banking services that are available for you, but mobile banking can be useful for a number of reasons. These are some of the many benefits of mobile banking. 1. You Can Stay Aware of What Is Going On with Your Account Knowing what is going on with your bank account is important.

3 Reasons Why Chapter 7 Bankruptcy May Be For You

If you are in a tough financial situation and are considering filing for bankruptcy, you need to choose between filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Chapter 7 bankruptcy may be for you if you want the process to be quick and affordable, you are not looking to handle a repayment plan, and you meet the qualifying conditions. Quick Chapter 7 bankruptcy proceedings tend to be a quicker process than Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings.